Shorewest’s June Checklist for a Refreshed Summer Home

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Schools are coming to a close, vacations are being planned, and we’ve had a taste of summer weather in Wisconsin. Use these seven great tips to freshen up your home for the summer season.

  1. Swap out seasonal dishes and decorations. An easy way to breathe new life into your home’s look is by swapping out seasonal decor for summer selections. White dishes along with clean, summer materials such as linen will make your home feel bright and airy.
  2. Create a memory box or scrapbook from the school year. With end-of-the-year cleaning going on at school, you’re likely to get an influx of photos, artwork and other projects from your child’s teacher. Take this time to store most away for the future and put a few, special items on display for guests to admire.
  3. Manage your home’s exterior. If you’ve been thinking about having your house painted, the nice June weather should be perfect to schedule it. Also, clean the gutters of any debris that has fallen during the spring flowering season so they can easily handle any rain you may get during the summer. Our Home Services Center can assist you in finding a quality vendor for all of your home repair needs.
  4. Outfit your guest room. Summer means it’s time for vacation, so you may have family or friends visiting. Give your guest room some extra love by providing comforts of home for them. Spend a night in the guest room yourself to see what the room may be missing.
  5. Gather your summer gear. Be sure all of your equipment is ready to go — whether that means your beach umbrella, camping tent, sporting equipment or inner tube. Replace anything before it’s too late!
  6. Prep the pool. If you have a pool, be sure to set up a cleaning and maintenance schedule for the season.
  7. Set up your patio or deck. A great chance to enjoy the warm weather all season long, set up your patio furniture. Make sure to clean off any cushions and think about replacing any old or damaged furniture. Enjoy meals, reading outdoors or just the opportunity for a breath of fresh air all season long.

Summer is a season many of us look forward to all year long, especially after the snowy Wisconsin winter. Be sure to enjoy the best the season has to offer by setting up your home now!

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