10 Ways to Pinterest Your Home!

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If you are looking for ways to spruce up your home and give it that extra touch, Pinterest is there for you! Whether you are looking to make a statement or add a bit of color, these next 10 steps will help your home feel refreshed.

  1. 1. Reclaimed wood on the walls. Looking for help for an accent wall in your bedroom? Weathered wood is the hot commodity right now! The herringbone pattern is timeless and creates a dream land for the bedroom.

Pinterest 1

  1. 2. Say what you want with a sign. Whether it states your name or is just a fun sign to hang up, vintage-looking signs are a sure way to add some character to your home. To up your Pinterest game, make the sign yourself! Or go thrifting at an estate sale, auction, or antique store.

Pinterest 2

  1. 3. Get creative with chalk. Chalkboard paint has been on the up-and-up for awhile now and shows no signs of slowing down. It is an easy and fun project to complete and doesn’t take very long to do. You can paint a tabletop, a gardening pot, a wall or even your backsplash!

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  1. 4. Organize and decorate with a tray. Do you feel like your decorations are everywhere? Try turning a tray into a corral for all of your knick-knacks. Not only is this a great statement piece but it also serves a very functional need!

Pinterest 4

  1. 5. Use paint as a focal point. A fun way to innovate your use of paint is to forego a carpet runner and paint your own design! Everyone will be asking how you did it!

Pinterest 5

  1. 6. Look up to the lighting. For a finishing touch make sure to find a dramatic light fixture to become the feature of your room. This is an easy way to play with textures and styles while still remaining simple.

Pinterest 6

  1. 7. Wallpaper is back, and in a big way! It’s not the floral explosion from your grandma’s yesteryears, but more of a bright or bold look. Papering all four walls still may be too much so people are experimenting with a feature wall which makes it easier and less overwhelming.

Pinterest 7

  1. 8. Color is back! Grey and beige have been saturating our color palettes but no more. Designers love a pop of color but in tasteful tones. Focus on using three choices for your main color for each room.

Pinterest 8

  1. 9. Stage your bookshelves. It’s time for your bookshelves to be brought to life! Paint the backdrop a fun color, or use wallpaper as the base. Then start mixing in old and new, antiques and newly bought to create a rounded look.

Pinterest 9

  1. 10. “Nail” an updated look. if you are looking for an easy furniture update, look no farther than a nailhead trim. This easy process gives your furniture a timeless finishing touch and a traditional twist in our modern time.

Pinterest 10

These tried and true style tips will surely give an updated look to your home. Whether you choose one or all 10, it is guaranteed your friends and family will notice your Pinterest inspired style! Head on over to our Shorewest, REALTORS® Pinterest page for all the latest trends for your home! #ShorewestRealtors #Style #Pinterest #Homeowner

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